067: What Your IT Leader Wants You to Know with Jeff Ton

Jeff Ton has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry and is a sought-after thought leader and speaker. He is the author of Amplify Your Value, a book about leading IT with a strategic vision, and Amplify Your Job Search, a book about leveling-up your job search strategies to find your dream job. 

Businesses are demanding more out of their technology and IT departments, and Jeff is on a mission to change the face of how they work. In this episode you will hear him discuss the necessary skills needed for not only emerging IT professionals, but professionals in all departments, enabling them to have a bigger impact on their business and on their customers.

To download free chapters from Jeff’s book Amplify Your Job Search,  go to his website www.jeffereyston.com/beingatwork. If you enjoy what you read, use your discount to purchase the book as a thank you for listening to this episode.

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