124: Leading with an “I’m Not Done Yet” Mindset with Jeannie Ambler

“Nobody has it all together. There’s no right path. It’s about doing the work, finding areas for growth, and being self-reflective.”

Jeannie Ambler says her current role as VP of Human Resources at BHI Senior Living is exactly where she’s meant to be. That position is the latest on her career journey, one that’s been filled with ups, downs, detours, and wrong turns, but Jeannie appreciates every stop she’s taken along the way. Why? Because she’s been able to learn from each experience.

In this episode, Jeannie shares why the best part of her journey is knowing that it never ends. Listen in to learn how you can better equip yourself to take leaps to find the best fit for you and how to be self-aware enough to know when to move on.

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