157: Looking at Life Through a Multicultural Lens with Cinzia Beretta

✂️ Cinzia Beretta is a multicultural global leader and coach living in Italy. She is passionate about diversity, cultures, languages, inclusiveness and building meaningful human connections across the globe.

Her energy comes from leading and working with senior leaders, teams and individuals, enabling them to thrive, unleash their potential and stay engaged with experiential learning, transformative growth programs, coaching and culture communication.

She has spent her 20+ year career working in a variety of communication areas, focusing in particular on culture and employee engagement and (more recently) on leadership development in a big multinational company. On top of her communication activities, she currently leads multi-language learning, growth and coaching programs for emerging leaders, to accelerate their transformative growth in international environments and retain top talents during moments of change.

She believes coaching and emotional intelligence are key to help leaders (and people in general) connect with other human beings in an authentic way and pursue a fulfilled balanced and ultimately happy life. Disclaimer: The views expressed in the podcast are the guest’s independent thoughts.

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