Developing Your Relationship with SELF with Amy Woodall

Amy Woodall’s passion for helping people is rooted in mindfulness. Through her corporate training and coaching practice, she teaches people to cope with stress and increase their connection to self. She is the host of the Conscious Habit Podcast and is a renowned global keynote speaker who loves to teach others how to own their 50 and live up to their fullest potential at work and in life. Andrea Butcher and Amy dive into the concept of wholeness and personal growth. They explore the idea that oftentimes, people expect the world to fill the emotional voids they have not provided for themselves. They discuss the importance of recognizing that any dissatisfaction or negative beliefs about oneself may be projected onto others, and how relationships can serve as valuable teachers and mirrors that reflect what is missing within oneself. It is a conversation you don’t want to miss! Additional Resources: Connect with Andrea Butcher on LinkedIn Visit HRD Website Connect with Amy on LinkedIn Learn more about Conscious Habit Follow PeopleForward Network on LinkedIn Learn more about PeopleForward Network

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