165: Introducing The Potted Plant Theory, a Self-Exploration Tool to Highlight YOUR Requirements for Being Your Best with Iliana Oris Valiente

Iliana Oris Valiente embodies the spirit of her name, which means "bright light with a brave mouth.” She sits down with Andrea Butcher to share her journey—one marked by burnout that led her to the rejuvenating streets of Paris and toward self-awareness that reshaped her professional life. She unveils her "potted plant theory," where she categorizes people into four archetypes—sequoia, red maple, potted plant, and airplane—each with distinct needs for stability, novelty, and resources. This theory not only helps individuals understand their core needs but also assists leaders in fostering environments that cater to a diverse workforce. Join the conversation for powerful insights! Additional Resources: Connect with Andrea Butcher on LinkedIn Visit HRD Website Follow PeopleForward Network on LinkedIn Learn more about PeopleForward Network Follow Iliana Oris Valiente on LinkedIn Learn more about Accenture

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