Looking Back to Look Forward with Rachel Pritz

Rachel Pritz’s journey took a meaningful turn during a seemingly ordinary exchange that blossomed into a profound exploration of life's chapters. As we close the year, she joins Andrea Butcher to discuss life reviews and self-discovery. They ponder their words for the year, with Rachel considering "curiosity," and Andrea leaning towards expressions like "beyond truth" or "freedom." This episode dives deep into their experiences of retrospective introspection, inspired by none other than Jane Fonda's life review, as they share the transformative journey of looking back to understand and plan for the future. They'll explore how creating a safe space for vulnerability can lead to growth and healing, as Andrea and Rachel reflect on how this process has reshaped their relationships and inner landscapes. Together, they stress the importance of nurturing the soul over setting traditional goals, making decisions that benefit one’s whole being, and looking forward to continuing their paths of self-discovery. This impactful conversation is one you don’t want to miss. Additional Resources: Connect with Andrea Butcher on LinkedIn Visit HRD Website Connect with Rachel Pritz on LinkedIn Learn more about Elevate Growth Follow PeopleForward Network on LinkedIn Learn more about PeopleForward Network

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