173: A Culture Story: ‘My Pleasure’ as a Way of Life with Nicholas Lawrence

Nicholas Lawrence says, "My pleasure" is not just a saying at Chick-fil-A, but a guiding principle that shapes their exceptional customer experience. Nicholas, the Vice President of Human Resources for one of the largest franchise groups at Chick-fil-A, shares his journey from working in big-box retail to embracing the unknown and finding his passion at Chick-fil-A with host Andrea Butcher. This episode delves into how Nicholas took a risk by asking a random stranger at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru if they were hiring, which ultimately led to the transformational career opportunity he has now. This candid conversation uncovers the importance of embracing the unknown, blooming where you're planted, and the value of self-awareness in leadership and personal growth. Additional Resources: Connect with Andrea Butcher on LinkedIn Visit HRD Website Connect with Nicholas Lawrence on LinkedIn Learn more about Chick-fil-a Follow PeopleForward Network on LinkedIn Learn more about PeopleForward Network

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