We are changing the world, one leader at a time

At HRD*, we are on a mission to equip leaders to be the best of themselves and to get the best of the people they serve.

We are influencers of change

At HRD*, we are on a mission to improve the world, one leader at a time. We believe that the improvement of a leader comes from within, through personal development from experiencing a growth journey to change, rather than skills to be obtained through training courses. Every single leader comes to your business with their own past experiences, values, fears, and desires. To improve their mindset, to want to change, to grow and be the best leader they can be, they must be supported and understood as an individual.

This is where we differ from other leadership training and development companies. We are not coaches or trainers. We are change influencers. We are growth facilitators. With HRD*, your leaders won’t just receive tools and resources upon completion of our time together – they will receive an experience that will make a lasting impact of change that will ripple out to their team, their homes, and beyond.

We are strategic designers

At HRD, we know that every client need is different, and that no leader is the same, so we collaborate with you to design and facilitate inspiring and practical growth experiences that are tailored to strengthen your leaders and to elevate your business strategy.


Each of our facilitators brings a strength or certification in the areas of executive coaching, development and facilitation of learning, succession planning, strategic planning, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.


Our growth experiences, or signature solutions, are tailored to your overall team, the individuals on your team, and down to the facilitator of that experience. We believe in the highest quality service; therefore, every experience is measured at various points for success using methods such as:

  • Pre and post-assessment looking at group and individual focus area progress
  • Post-session survey data
  • Participant retention
  • Promotability/promotion data
  • Team assessment: pre and post-data
  • Engagement/Pulse data


We are keynote speakers

Our mission expands throughout our leader community, and so, we share our expertise through connecting with as many leaders as we can. Our speakers have inspired and motivated employers and leaders beyond the nation and internationally. A key change element among the improved change and development of all leaders is empowerment, and therefore, we speak upon topics which empower each leader on your team! Topics such as:

  • Using Executive Development to Drive Cohesion and Alignment Across Your Business
  • Wherever You Go, There YOU Are – Bringing Purpose into Everything You Do for Greater Impact
  • From Vision to Execution – Four Step Process to Lead by Design Rather than Default
  • Why HR Matters – Why Organizations Need HR Now More than Ever
  • Leadership Development:
  • Inspiring a Shared Vision
  • Creating and Communicating Core Values
  • Enhancing Listening Skills
  • Building Trust
  • Driving Change

We are lesson curators

Our ever-growing leadership podcast, Being [at Work], contains over 100,000 downloads and is a show

full of leadership lessons. Every weekday, we release a daily dose of leadership which contains

leadership lesson shorts, and every Thursday, we release an extended leadership lesson from a senior

HR/talent leader. Our extended episodes share a pivotal moment from that senior leader that taught

them a lot about themselves and their leadership throughout their career experience. Every leader at

any level can relate to these stories and surely, can benefit from these lessons.

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