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Facilitator/Growth Coach

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Facilitator/Growth Coach

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Program Administrator

Action Items

Program Kickoff and Review Assessment Process

July 19

  • Complete your DiSC and Pre-Competency Assessments (information below)
  • Review your results prior to the next session

DiSC and Pre-Competency Assessment Steps

DiSC Management Assessment

The DiSC Management Assessment provides valuable insight into who you are and how you lead. You will use the assessment report throughout the program. There is a sample DiSC email (*below) so you know what to expect. It will come from HRD Leadership <>.

The assessment takes less than 20 minutes to complete. You will need to complete your assessment by August 7 and you will have immediate access to your results upon completion. Once completed, please review your DiSC Assessment Report (pg. 1-6).

Click Here for a Sample DiSC Email

*Sample DiSC email:

From: HRD Leadership <>

Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2022 9:50 AM


Subject: HRD Leadership has registered you for: Everything DiSC Management Profile

Everything DiSC Management Profile

This email will help you get set up to take the Everything DiSC Management Profile assessment.

First, you’ll be asked to create an account with an email and password or sign into your existing account. Then, you’ll proceed to the assessment. To get started, click the following link:

Take my assessment

If you have trouble using the link above, go to and enter the

Access Code shown here:


Please note:

1. This is your personal Access Code. Do not share it or this e-mail with others.

2. Once you create your account credentials (email and password), you will use them to access any future Report(s) associated with your account.

Pre-Competency Assessment

This pre-survey will establish a baseline for your confidence and competence-level on a variety of

manager competencies. The pre-survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Please complete by August 7.

Developing a Leadership Mindset

August 16

  • Meet with your accountability partner to discuss:

Takeaways from Above the Line

Strengths/Opportunities from your DiSC report

Review the pre-survey results (group and individual results)

  • Meet with your manager
  • Work on your Leadership Mission

Know and Grow Your Team

September 27

  • Complete Your Action Plan on p. 7 for each DiSC style that is not your core style. ​
  • Meet with your accountability partner:​

Share your actions, obstacles, and outcomes from Your Action Plan for Success on p. 7. ​

  • Continue working on your Leadership Mission

Giving & Receiving Feedback

October 24

Leading through Conflict

November 14

  • Coming soon

Leading Change

December 13

  • Complete the Switch Change Framework for the change you identified. Identify behaviors you can adapt to better manage change.
  • Listen to the Being [at Work] podcast: Using Brain-Based Communication to Create
  • Meet with your Accountability Partner
  • Work on your Leadership Mission

Accountability & Ownership

January 17

  • Have the accountability conversation you need to have​
  • Meet with your Accountability Partner​
  • Continue working on your Leadership Mission

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