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Action Items

Pre-Work for Knowing Yourself and the People You Lead (DiSC)

January 24

  • Complete your DiSC and Pre-Competency Assessments (information below).
  • Review your results prior to the next session.
  • Meet with your Accountability Partner. Discuss the following questions:
  • Name at least TWO takeaways or “a-ha” moments from Above the Line, Below the Line.  
  • What do you want to gain from this development process? Name at least one SPECIFIC outcome.

DiSC and Pre-Competency Assessment Steps

DiSC Management Assessment

The DiSC Management Assessment provides valuable insight into who you are and how you lead. You will use the assessment report throughout the program. There is a sample DiSC email (*below) so you know what to expect. It will come from HRD Leadership <hrdleadership@wiley-epic.com>.

The assessment takes less than 20 minutes to complete. You will need to complete your assessment by November 1 and you will have immediate access to your results upon completion. Once completed, please review your DiSC Assessment Report (pg. 1-6).

Click Here for a Sample DiSC Email

*Sample DiSC email:

From: HRD Leadership <hrdleadership@wiley-epic.com>

Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2022 9:50 AM

To: annies@hrdleadership.com

Subject: HRD Leadership has registered you for: Everything DiSC Management Profile

Everything DiSC Management Profile

This email will help you get set up to take the Everything DiSC Management Profile assessment.

First, you’ll be asked to create an account with an email and password or sign into your existing account. Then, you’ll proceed to the assessment. To get started, click the following link:

Take my assessment

If you have trouble using the link above, go to https://www.wiley-epic.com and enter the Access Code shown here:


Please note:

1. This is your personal Access Code. Do not share it or this e-mail with others.

2. Once you create your account credentials (email and password), you will use them to access any future Report(s) associated with your account.

Pre-Competency Assessment

This pre-assessment will establish a baseline for your confidence and competence-level on a variety of

manager competencies. The pre-survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Please complete by November 1.

Pre-Work for Leading through Conflict

February 21

  • Practice adapting your communication with someone with a different DiSC style.
  • Meet with your accountability partner.
  • Share your actions, obstacles and outcomes from Your Action Plan for Success on p. 9. ​
  • Share an example of how you will, or how you HAVE, adapted your communication style.
  • Continue working on your Leadership Mission.

Pre-Work for Delegating and Enabling Others to Act

March 20

  • Practice stepping back (employ the 5-second rule!) and reframing your automatic thoughts.
  • Be prepared to share an example of doing so in our next workshop.
  • Choose two productive conflict behaviors to focus on (one you’re already good at, and one you’d like to cultivate). 
  • Continue working on your Leadership Mission.

Pre-Work for Communicating to Maintain Trust - Listening and Asking Questions

April 17

  • Practice applying your new tools/approach to at least THREE delegation conversations before the next workshop. Be prepared to report back about wins and challenges.
  • Continue working on your Leadership Mission. Email Ali with any questions!

Pre-Work for Making Commitments -

Post-Assessment Review and Celebration

May 21


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