Coaching Fundamentals Workshop

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Ready to unlock the potential within yourself and others?

Look no further than the GROW model, a proven framework for transformative coaching conversations.

In this interactive workshop, you'll delve into the magic of GROW and learn how to apply it to empower personal and professional growth.

Grow Your Impact:

  • Master the GROW formula: Understand the four key steps - Goal, Reality, Options, and Way Forward - and how they work together to spark progress.
  • Craft inspiring questions: Discover the art of asking powerful questions that unlock self-awareness, generate creative solutions, and fuel commitment.
  • Become a growth facilitator: Learn techniques to foster open communication, build trust, and empower individuals to take ownership of their journey.
  • Unlock potential in any setting: Apply the GROW model in one-on-one coaching, team development, performance management, and even personal self-coaching.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

9 am - 4 pm EST




$799 / leader


By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Confidently lead powerful coaching conversations
  • Help individuals set clear goals and overcome obstacles
  • Facilitate creative problem-solving and inspire action
  • Build stronger relationships and cultivate a growth mindset

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Leaders and managers who want to empower their teams
  • Coaches, mentors, and facilitators looking to refine their skills
  • Individuals seeking to unlock their full potential
  • Anyone who wants to become a more effective communicator and collaborator

Facilitated By:

Amanda Areces, VP of Client Experience

Registration Deadline:

March 1

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Full refunds will be made if a cancellation notice is received at least 30 days prior to the event. Any cancellation made less than 30 days prior to the workshop are subject to a 50 percent cancellation fee. 

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