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Participate | Judgment-free zone | Be Supportive | Be Friendly | Be Collaborative | Motivate yourself and others | Don't be a grump! | Be open to all input | Treat each other as equals | Be honest with yourself and others | Share personal strengths to support each other | Build on others' perspectives and experiences | Keep a positive focus | Respect each other | Show forgiveness and grace

Workshop Action Items

Pre-Work for Pre-Assessment Review and Determine Focus Behaviors Workshop

February 12

LPI Self-Assessment

LPI Self-Assessment Information
  • Opportunity for you to increase awareness of leadership behaviors
  • Identify both strengths (to leverage) and opportunities (to develop)
LPI Self-Assessment Steps

You will receive an email with your link to the LPI Self-assessment (email will come from notifications@lpionline.com).

Fri, Jan 19

Deadline for your assessment. HRD will send reminders to help drive completion.

Mon, Feb 5

Your assessment report will be sent to your email.

Fri, Feb 9

Pre-Work for Model the Way Workshop

March 11

  • Review chapters 1 and 2 in The Leadership Challenge hardback book
  • Be sure to bring your workbook and Values Cards with you next time!
  • Submit your 2-3 focus behaviors
  • Meet with your Accountability Partner. Discuss:

What are your take-aways from your LPI report?

What 2-3 behaviors will you focus on? Why those?

Pre-Work for Inspire a Shared Vision Workshop

April 15

  • Share your core values with your team or a trusted person
  • Read the Inspire a Shared Vision chapters in The Leadership Challenge hardback book
  • Meet with your accountability partner. Discuss the Model the Way Reflection Questions on pg. 5 of your LPI Feedback Report
  • Listen to the podcast, 136: Go Big Picture First

Pre-Work for Challenge the Process Workshop

May 13

  • Finalize your vision statement if you didn’t already
  • Share your vision with more members of your team! Get their feedback

Be prepared to share how this went during our next session

  • Read the Challenge the Process chapters in The Leadership Challenge hardback book

Pre-Work for Enable Others to Act Workshop

June 17

  • Read the Enable Others to Act chapters in The Leadership Challenge hardback book
  • Listen to the podcast, 039: 4 Key Strategies for Leading Through Change
  • Meet with your Accountability Partner. Share your Opportunities for Challenge (p. 56)
  • Execute one of the process challenges you’ve identified. Be prepared to report back!

Pre-Work for Encourage the Heart Workshop

July 15


Pre-Work for Making Commitments and Post-Assessment Review Workshop

August 19


LPI Self-Assessment

Coming soon

Action Items from Making Commitments and Post-Assessment Review Workshop

August 19


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