Brain-based Leadership

The Advanced Communication Skills Series

What do your leaders need to reach the pinnacle of exemplary leadership?

The answer: advanced communication skills! 99% of the time, your leaders are communicating with a goal in mind: to motivate, to create momentum, to teach, to navigate a challenging situation, etc.

In this exclusive growth experience, your leaders will learn next-level skills for becoming exemplary communicators.

Leaders will learn science-based techniques to:

  • Leverage a fundamental understanding of how adults learn in order to craft effective communication

  • Avoid common communication mistakes that create roadblocks for leaders

  • Successfully navigate challenging employees and employee interactions

  • Create psychologically safe workplaces

  • Become a stronger critical thinker and innovative LEADER

This workshop series is led by HRD’s resident Ph.D. and Mensa member, Dr. Ali Atkison. She has spent her career studying the adult brain and uses that expertise, coupled with her Ph.D. in Communication, to facilitate leadership strategies grounded in brain science.

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