Everything DiSC

A Leadership Program for Leaders at Any Level

Now is the time to equip your leaders—communication strategies, productively engaging in conflict, focusing on the growth and development of team members to achieve results.

Everything DiSC® provides leaders with a common language that will increase trust and awareness, as well as shift the mindset to one that is focused on most effectively communicating with their teams and peers.

Our DiSC workshops are built on a foundation of self-awareness, recognizing others’ needs, and adapting for increased communication and productivity. We are focused on experiential learning, so tools and application to adjust learned patterns of thinking are at the forefront of our leadership development process.

HRD facilitates a multiple-part solution to support your goals.

  • Session 1 focuses on understanding each person’s core DiSC style in order to improve communication throughout teams.
  • Session 2 is a check-in that serves to ensure accountability to the Action Plan each team member created in Session 1.
  • Session 3 builds on the foundation of DiSC to explore each of the DiSC styles in conflict.

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