Public Leadership Development Program

for Emerging Technology Leaders

What? The Leadership Challenge® – a 7-month growth experience to equip high potential leaders with the skills necessary to enhance their influence within the businesses they serve.

Who is the audience? Emerging Technology Leaders

Location? In-person (St. Louis, MO) and Virtual

Why? Often, Technology Leaders are promoted to people-leadership positions because they are high-performing individual contributors. Leading people includes a dynamic skill set, so this focused growth experience provides the skills necessary to lead all stakeholders (internal and external) to enhance influence in all directions (up, down, and across).

The Leadership Challenge® framework grew out of research that began in the early 1980s by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, who wanted to understand what leaders were doing when they performed at their personal best. What emerged were The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, which are common to extraordinary leadership at any level.

Why this model? It’s behavioral. It’s tangible and allows us to track and measure progress over time. Each workshop explores the six leadership behaviors for each practice area along with practical application for leading.

The development process includes a pre and post 360 assessment, virtual and in-person workshops, and application exercises for the participants.


Facilitated by:

Andrea Butcher, CEO, HRD – A Leadership Development Company and

Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®


Subject Matter Expert and Coach, Jeff Villmer

Attendance Policy:

Attendance is required at all sessions. Catch-up sessions are not provided.

Cost: $2,499 per participant


In-Person and Virtual Workshops

Pre and Post 360 Assessment

Program Materials

Ongoing Participant Communications and Support

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