The Power in the Pivot

How do YOU lead through the PIVOTS in your life?

What are you anchored to in the challenging moments?

These are just TWO of the questions that HRD CEO, Andrea Butcher explores in her book, The Power in the Pivot: Leadership Lessons from Being [at Work] to Take You from Chaos to Clarity.

The book highlights the 50 leaders who joined Andrea on our leadership podcast, Being [at Work], during the first year of the show and highlights the 3 keys for leading through the inevitable pivots that emerge.

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Life is a series of pivots--those that lift us up, those that are terrifying, and so many in between, and regardless of the size or scope, there is power in how we respond throughout.

By staying focused on a bigger picture vision, leveraging the relationships, and staying in the hard moments, we recognize the POWER in the pivot. These leadership actions help to alleviate the natural chaos that exists in any transition and support a shift toward clarity.

This book is an evidence-based guide to leading through the pivots in your life and your leadership. Based on the stories of executive leaders sharing the lessons learned from the most pivotal moments in their careers, this book will help you to navigate the fog any time you are journeying towards something new.

Andrea Butcher

CEO, Author, Being [at Work] Podcast Host

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