How's Your Computer-side Manner?:

The 9 Digital Communication Mistakes You're Making That Are Holding You Back

The way you show up in digital spaces communicates your brand—whether you intend it or not. 

With the ease of digital communication at anyone’s fingertips and many professionals transitioning to work-from-home, the way an individual communicates online is more important than ever before. Keynote speaker and communication coach Dr. Ali Atkison’s latest guide for personal success, How’s Your Computer-side Manner? explains how to blend one’s “in-person” self with their digital self, in order to put their best foot forward in an ever-changing digital landscape. 

How’s Your Computer-side Manner? explores the 9 common mistakes today’s professionals often make in their digital communications—and the negative consequences that can result from those mistakes, from being left off of projects and out of meetings, to being placed on performance-improvement plans, to losing respect and a sense of community with colleagues.

Dr. Atkison explains how these mistakes can happen and their impact, while providing easy-to-employ strategies for mitigating these mistakes and improving online communication. 

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On Point!

When I first heard Ali Atkison use the phrase “computer-side manner” I was struck by how on-point she was. As someone who communicates a lot through digital methods, I needed to learn more! As I read How’s Your Computer-Side Manner?, I laughed at how many of these faux pas I have been guilty of over the years. This book is a must-read for anyone who communicates through email, video, text, or chat!

Jeffrey S. Ton, 

author, Amplify Your Value

The Go-To Handbook!

As a communications professional, I know the importance of clear, concise, and impactful communication for accomplishing our business objectives. Dr. Ali’s book should be the go-to handbook for any professional who wants to ensure their communication goals—personal or professional—are always accomplished.

Laura McCaffrey, 

vice president of Public Affairs and Communications, Indiana Hospital Association


In my line of work, compelling communication skills are critical. Without them, we cannot effectively advocate for our cause or build the collaborative relationships needed to accomplish our mission. Words are the tools we use to enlighten, inspire and empower action. Dr. Atkison has written a book that will prove essential in strengthening the readers’ communication skills and provides tips delivered with a touch of humor for an engaging read. I encourage all leaders to read this book—and share it with their colleagues.

John Robert Smith, 

chairman, Transportation for America

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