Manager Essentials

A Program Focused on Equipping Leaders with the Skills & Tools They Need to Lead Their Teams

Be intentional to be exceptional.

Employees are often promoted to manager because they are highly competent at what they do, and organizations assume that these new leaders will continue to perform at the same level in their new role.

It’s no surprise that 60% of new managers fail in their first two years! Organizations often fail to recognize and acknowledge the transition from individual contributor to manager of others.

Manager Essentials is a robust development program focused on equipping leaders with the skills and tools they need to lead their teams. Drawing from years of leadership development expertise, HRD created Manager Essentials around the five spokes of the Manager Success Wheel.

The program begins with self-exploration, then shifts to relationship-building with team members, and progresses to maximizing effectiveness by growing team members to get results. Manager Essentials outcomes are vast, impactful, and unique for every participating manager. 

What will participants gain?

  • Discover the importance of the manager’s role and responsibilities
  • Develop a resilient manager mindset that enhances leadership effectiveness
  • Learn emotional intelligence skills to strengthen working relationships and trust
  • Build confidence and abilities in managing productive conflict
  • Learn approaches to receiving and delivering effective feedback

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